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Disappointed in the media and talk show hosts


Fri, Nov 18. 2011

Editor: The media, talk show hosts and radio stations play an important role in our society. The media, however, for most part, have not been bad, but there are some areas in which it is disappointing, likewise the talk show hosts and radio announcers.{{more}}

You take, for example, the issue with the banana and its alleged suspension of export. What should have been done is to verify information and do an investigation before publicizing. This, like many other issues, is seldom investigated and then reported. Therefore, what is reported is mainly one side, depending on whose side the journalist is on. There are far too many negatives published in our papers and broadcast on radio. It seems like journalists along with talk show hosts take pleasure in publishing negatives to make politicians and this country look bad. They seldom investigate a matter and get both sides of the coin before publishing or broadcasting. Having said that, I know that there are some good journalists who are professional, and likewise some talk show hosts who deal with only the truth and not just rumours.

Surely, the void that is left in journalism by the late Glenn Jackson is very hard to fill, for none has come close to him. What made Glen Jackson so famous was that he would investigate a matter before talking about it. Even when he was a talk show host and he received calls, he would seek to gather information so that he would be able to factually talk about it and then able to criticize constructively. No wonder he was so powerful in mobilizing masses against the then NDP, which was in power at that time. Indeed this country has lost a true professional in journalism and talk show.

There are few radio stations that play positive music, thus educating the public. Similarly so, there are few radio stations that educate the masses on issues honestly and not negatively. When we consider the type of music played on some radio stations that promote gangs, violence and sexual looseness, there is no wonder our young people are prone to commit violent acts. It would be nice for all radio stations to promote positive music and morals rather than gang violence and music coming out of Jamaica. Interestingly, some of these singers from Jamaica that these radio stations promote are accused or sentenced in some cases for criminal activity.

So the young people are influenced the wrong way.

It is some of these same stations and other persons on talk radio who blame the churches for crimes and also the government, when they themselves promote these activities by the songs they play and the negative things that always come from some talk show hosts, and even in the case where a popular radio does not play or promote anything religious. Indeed, how sad.

It is not too late to change course. Therefore, I recommend that journalists and talk show hosts be professional and investigate a matter before publishing. After all, they are powerful in influencing people. We are all Vincentians, regardless of which political side we support.

Let us give positive direction to young and others in this our blessed land.

Kennard King