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Time To Stand, Time To Speak


Tue, Nov 15. 2011

Written By: Dillon Ollivierre
Inspired By: The Shanika Small


Father, I come before your throne seeking your blessing
As a nation we have fallen, as a people we are stressing
Crime and violence is on the increase
Week after week we say R.I.P to the deceased
Families are mourning

Lusting for the days of yesterday
Praying for the pain to fade away
Mr. Commissioner, what’s your plan to conquer the increase in crime and violence?
Christian Council, why are you so caught up in silence?
Why are you not speaking out?

I repeat why are you not speaking out?
Mr. Speaker, will you be so unruly to demand that I take my seat?
Or will you listen keenly to the words I speak?
Mr. Government, Mr. Politician, what do you think is the reason for the increase in crime and violence?

Please speak up! I don’t wish to be deafened by your silence
Attorney General, Governor General, Opposition
What’s your position?
What do you think needs to be done to have a reduction in crime and violence
We need answers, we need them now! This is no longer the era of silence
National Youth Council and all youth related organizations, where is your voice?

I repeat where is your voice
As our country grow further apart by political indifferences we need one heart, one voice
Youths! Will you be that voice?
Youths! Your time is now to take a stand
Together as one we can

We must march as one through the streets of our beloved country
Singing songs of freedom, showing how much we love S.V.G
With a smile on our faces we must embrace each other hand in hand
Together as one we can!

We must send a message to our leaders
We must show them that we have stepped up, we are our brothers keeper
Our leaders must listen to our plea, they must listen to our cries
A brighter future they cannot deny
The right to live happily we deserve
Life must be preserved

Crime and violence must be tackled now

I repeat! Crime and violence must be tackled now
The issues that stress our people must be analyzed
Criminals must be legally penalized
The system must be what it was intended to be
An enforcer of law but also a preserver of equality.