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Tue, Nov 8. 2011

Editor: Congratulations to our “newly-minted” Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Renold Hadaway.

Those who have been following his rise within the local constabulary will readily agree that his is a most deserving promotion.{{more}}

I hope the new DCP is only weeks away from the “Big Chair”.

Congratulations are also in order for our new Chief of Port Police Lenroy Brewster.

I wish this dedicated and hardworking Police Officer the very best in his new position.

Straight Talk also congratulates ACP Michael Charles and Superintendents Christopher Benjamin, Carlos Pompey and Stenelia Francis on their recent appointments/confirmations.

Permit me to take the liberty – even though I am “not on the ground” – to say on behalf of all Vincentians, that I am sure they will all continue to serve our country with distinction.


Crime/Anti-crime continues to be the single most important issue facing our nation.

We are not alone. This is an international phenomenon. But, for a small society like ours, it is a very painful daily experience, that threatens our economy and development.

The Prime Minister and his government are as concerned as any of us about the present state of affairs. After all, they have been working so hard to combat crime in SVG.

Yesterday’s editorial in Searchlight only highlights part of the story.

A very good piece by Madam Editor.

However, I continue to believe and call for a new national strategy to deal with the crime situation in SVG. I again humbly suggest that the first step should be to recognise that crime in a society cannot be eliminated by policing alone. With all due respect to Sir Vincent and his Commission, a more co-operative and coordinated effort is needed right now. A joint effort of the police, government, social agencies, NGOs and our communities is what is urgently needed to tackle crime in a serious and meaningful way. All this should be coordinated by a qualified anti-crime Czar.

Let’s get busy!!


I am sure all Vincentians – at home and in the Diaspora – are quite pleased that the Prime Minister in his independence address and the grave-side ceremony presided over by former Minister Rene Baptiste, finally gave Robert Milton Cato – “of blessed memory” – his due respect. After all, it was shameful to see Cato and his outstanding contribution to nationhood ignored by the government and opposition during anniversary celebration after anniversary celebration.

Good start, Comrade. Now continue annually, with a formal tribute event for our outstanding nation-builders.

Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister.

Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.