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Minister Saboto Caesar charms Toronto


Tue, Nov 8. 2011

Editor: The Honourable Saboto Caesar, who spent a mere 48 hours in Toronto, has left big footprints in the Vincentian Community. There is no doubt in my mind that he is truly dedicated to serving Vincentians. As the keynote speaker at our 32nd Independence anniversary celebrations last Saturday evening, the Honourable Minister captivated his audience with a powerful nationalistic address.{{more}}

The Minister gave a historical perspective of the Independence of St.Vincent and the Grenadines. He provided an overview of the recent changes that have taken place in the nation and shared a road map of where the country is heading. His positive and motivating address to Vincentians brought an exciting and uplifting mood to the evening. Speaking with a number of Vincentians throughout the evening, I was overwhelmed by the number of persons who expressed their pride and enthusiasm for the future of St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

The following Sunday morning, the Minister attended church at the Anglican Church of the Nativity. At the closing of the service, he was asked to address the congregation. His brief words, which lasted approximately one minute, made me especially proud to be a Vincentian. He portrayed how well grounded he is in his Christian faith. A third-year, brilliant engineering student from the congregation claimed that he was in awe of Caesar’s persona and took time to seek out Minister Saboto for advice and also exchanged e-addresses.

That same afternoon, at our annual Independence Town Hall meeting, Minister Saboto again had his audience spellbound as he gave a snapshot of our nation’s current thrust toward keeping Tourism tied to the hip of Agriculture, amongst other things.

The Minister spoke of building our nation and said that nation-building calls for a balance between the many variables that have to be considered.

In his closing remarks, the Minister spoke of the faith that has seen Vincentians through the various disasters that were recently felt in our nation. He gave suggestions on how Vincentians in the Diaspora can participate in the nation-building of their homeland and asked that we all join hands and hearts to build our nation for the betterment of all. His message was well received.

Ewan Lewis