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Why I am not employed as a Math teacher in this country?


Fri, Nov 4. 2011

Editor: I wish to comment on an article captioned “Monty Maule: Stand up for what is just”, published in one of the weekly newspapers on Friday, October 28.

In the article, Methodist lay preacher and former Speaker of the House of Assembly Monty Maule made a plea to citizens to stand up for what is fair, just and good. He was preaching at the Calliaqua Methodist church on Sunday, October 16.{{more}}

Mr Maule told the congregation that he cried when he read a letter that that I had written in the newspaper recently, concerning the fact that I remain an unemployed math teacher nearly a year after contesting the December 13th, 2010, elections. He lamented the fact that persons who sit on boards, commissions and teachers are silent on the issue. He asked an important question: Are you going to wait until it happens to you or someone close to you to say, no it is wrong?

I wish to thank Mr Maule for standing up publicly for my cause and empathizing in this sensitive matter. Indeed, it shows a heart full of the milk of human kindness and a deep understanding of the pain that a qualified son of the soil feels simply because he sought to represent his people at another level. Many relatives and friends have telephoned and inquired about my welfare, while some of my own brothers and sisters in Christ have chosen to remain silent on the issue, for reasons best known to them. However, I am surviving by the grace of God, and I know that God has the final say in this matter. The flood at Langley park in April this year sent a strong message to me and I will always treasure its significance.

Since the new school year began in September, I have received no fewer than 50 requests from College students for Cape Math Classes, but I can’t commit myself immediately to these private classes for reasons which I prefer not to disclose at this time. I have one question to ask: ‘Can someone give me one reason, other than a political one, why I am not employed as a Math teacher in this country?’

Once again, I will like to thank Mr Maule and every Vincentian who has spoken out on my own behalf and on behalf of my fellow teachers. Let us see what lessons we can learn from what is unfolding before our eyes

Elvis Daniel