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Beware! Black jeep prowling around!


Fri, Nov 4. 2011

Editor: I hereby wish to sound a warning to ALL Vincentians – Adults, teenagers, young children alike, especially females. There seems to be a black jeep prowling around in a particular area in our country (Leeward side of the country), during the early and late evening hours.{{more}}

The occupants of the black jeep seem to be particularly interested in secondary schoolgirls. There have already been reports of secondary schoolgirls having to either refuse the offer of a ride by the occupants of the black jeep, or having to run when it appeared that the occupants of the jeep wanted to force the schoolgirls to ride with them.

Hence, I am urging ALL secondary schoolgirls to be very cautious while walking to or from school, especially in the Leeward area. DO NOT accept any ride from a black jeep you don’t know or from anyone whom you do not know. RUN away as fast as you can if necessary. Also, look at the number plate of the suspicious black jeep, write it down and report it to the police as soon as possible.

I wish to emphasise again: Whether you are a primary or secondary schoolchild, DO NOT accept any ride from someone you do not know. Parents, please sound the warning to your children. Villagers, let us all beware of a black jeep or any suspicious vehicle prowling around, attempting to kidnap any of our male, and especially female youths or adults. Let us learn from the “Shanika Small” sad episode. Vincentians, BEWARE!!!


Concerned Citizen