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We have come a long way


Fri, Oct 28. 2011

Editor: As we celebrate our thirty second anniversary of independence, we need to reflect on our progress as a nation. Like a true Vincy, it cannot be said that we have not progressed since independence. To say that we have not is to be politically biased.{{more}}

We have gone past the days of firewood to gas stoves. We have an increase in cell phones, where some folks have more than one. We have, as a people, become more educated and have become qualified in various fields. We dress in the latest fashion and spend lots of money looking good, and on utility bills, such as cable tv, water bills and electricity, and not forgetting the phone bills.

Despite the hard economic times, we have witnessed more businesses opening than closing. We are seeing an increase in housing and vehicles. Television is also a household commodity. There is an increase in technology, such as the IPOD, mp3, computers etc. We hardly communicate by letters, instead it is by emails, online chatting and cell phones.

While there are many more things that can be listed about our progress, we can not deny that after 32 years we have progressed as a nation. However, sad, but true, we have declined spiritually in many areas. We have more church buildings, but fewer righteous people. This is reflected in the way people conduct themselves at their workplace and in public. The homes have lost their influence due to the increase in wealth and so many luxuries that we have at home.

We have placed more emphasis on material things than on moral values and principles. Sexual looseness has become a norm of the day, and the emphasis in most cases is getting rich. This has led to many social ills in the communities.

So while we progress in education, finances and few other areas, we have declined in the most important areas, and that is spiritually. I, therefore, call upon us as a people to refocus our emphasis on true values and spiritual values. Let us, continue to appreciate the good we have and try to overcome the bad amongst us, and most of all, let us live for God by serving him and praying daily. May God bless this nation on its 32nd anniversary of independence? I love SVG and I’m a true VINCY.

Kennard King