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Vincentians, it is time to know God


Fri, Oct 28. 2011

Editor: Many of us claim to be believers of God but is that really sufficient? Many also are of the impression that God, is a being in control of this universe, despite many claiming that the Devil is in control at this present time until Jesus returns and brings an end to this wicked system.{{more}}

Simply believing in God would do us little good unless it is strong enough to give us faith. Even though we have faith, it is important that we understand God in order to understand the workings of this universe. We must remember that God is a summation of all the energy of this universe. A portion of this energy can act in unison with some degree of intelligence and maintain the order of things. Similarly, a hurricane is energy acting in unison which responds to changes in water temperature. It is important that we understand these things so that we can discern what is logical or illogical.

Our concept of God is very misleading because it gives the impression that God possesses tremendous power, which he reserves the right to use at his discretion. This statement is true, but it is also false. It is true that that God would be considered powerful as a result of being the summation of all the energy of the universe, but God does not use any discretion in granting favors, for example, to those who pray. A person considered wicked can pray and obtain his or her wishes. Some Christians do pray to God for some sort of evil punishment for those they believed have done them wrong. I used the word his to describe God with reservation because God is neither male nor female.

When we pray, we are actually trying to create an energy imprint upon this universal energy. Once this imprint has been created, whatever we pray for may occur. It does not matter whether our request is good or bad. Some may claim that it is the Devil that answers bad requests, but this is not true. The response comes from the same energy source. Therefore, we should not say that God permits something to happen. The universe simply functions by laws. Furthermore, to say that God sent his Son to die for us or God had chosen persons are things that ought to be examined.

Finally, as we celebrate our anniversary, we ought to reflect on our heritage. We sometimes try to remind ourselves of the mode of dress and the music of our African ancestors. However, we have fallen in love with Christianity, so there is no mention of going back to our African religion.