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We need to get the small things right


Fri, Oct 21. 2011

Editor: The health services in this country are widely talked about. While the honourable minister of health continues to talk about its development, there are those who constantly criticize the services rendered.{{more}}

We, however, fail to recognize the hard work of the staff at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in Kingstown. The nurses at the various wards and departments, including the Male Surgical Ward, are doing a good job and are working hard and so deserve much commendation.

Similarly so, the nurses and staff of the Troumaca Clinic deserve high praise, for they are doing a very good job. They are polite and caring. They are also serving in a professional manner. Well done, ladies. Keep up the good work. The North Leeward staff have also been very good despite the many challenges they face in doing their job of serving the public.

The physical condition of the Rose Hall health centre is bad, to put it mildly. The roof of the building is in a poor condition. On few occasions, BRAGSA went and looked at it, and up to this time has not yet done anything to correct it.

Much of the blame for the physical structure problem in some of the other health centers has to be placed at the feet of BRAGSA. While we realize that there are many demands placed on BRAGSA, and also the scarcity in finance, it is important that some attention be given to the Rose Hall health centre.

With the situation at the Rose Hall clinic, it is commendable that the nurses still serve with such dignity. I recommend a proper examination of the various health centers and other buildings by the Ministry of Health in North Leeward. For there are in many cases simple things that could have been taken care of and are neglected, which will eventually become a major problem. Also, BRAGSA needs to ensure that proper and professional work is done by those whom they employ.

I know that the Minister of Health and his ministry are working hard and trying their best, but the little things which are often neglected are becoming problems of a serious nature. Thank you.

Kennard King