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The ULP has done nothing wrong!


Tue, Oct 18. 2011

Editor: An NDP caller to Star Street Beat a few Thursdays ago asked this question of Mr. Ballah. “If the ULP is doing so well, how come they lost four seats?” The fact that the party lost four seats does not mean that they have done anything badly. What the caller should realise is that God is in control and He directs everything the way He wants it to go.{{more}}

No government has ever lost a referendum and come back and win the general elections, but this ULP government has done so. The NDP had done so well at the referendum, yet they didn’t win the general elections?

How can a good captain prove to the world that he is a good captain? His test will have to be when the seas are rough and the storm is raging. No captain can say he is good if he only sails his ship in calm waters.

Do we want a rougher time than what is happening now with this world economic crisis? Look at how our captain is taking the ship of state through the rough waters of the downturn in the world economy. When all around bigger countries are having hard times, here is small SVG; our captain is doing his best to keep the ship of state afloat.

I would like to remind that caller that Job didn’t do anything wrong, yet God allowed Satan to take away all that he had. What did Joseph do wrong why he was sold into slavery and later put into prison? What did Daniel do wrong why he was placed into the lion’s den? What did Jesus do wrong why He was crucified? NOTHING! You see my friend, bad things happen to good people and they also happen to bad people. Likewise, good things happen to good people and they also happen to bad people too.

Sometimes, when we are on a high and forget who puts us there, God has to bring us to the lowest point in our lives so that he can prove to us that he is in control. And it is from that lowest point that he will then lift us up to the height he wants us to be.

Having won the elections 12/3 on two previous occasions, for sure the ULP was on a high. But what has He done? Firstly, he gave them a wake up call in the referendum; then, in the elections, He reduced them to just a one-seat majority, the lowest He could have brought them. Now, they are at a stage where they have to do some serious thinking and planning to do better the next time around.

To prove that God is in control, it is with a one-seat majority that that He will allow the ULP to complete the Argyle International Airport, the largest capital project ever undertaken by any government in this blessed island. Added to that, it will be done at a time when the world all over is going through real tough economic times.

It takes a man with faith as a grain of a mustard seed, who will say to the mountain at Argyle be thou removed and let us build an Airport and an Airport is being built.

What we see taking place here in this country has nothing to do with any one of us. God is in control and he allows things to happen even though we are not doing his will.

So, all those who are thinking that it was something that the ULP has done wrong why it lost four seats in the last general elections, I will just urge you to read Job 5, you will find the answer.