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Let us seek insight from the Higher Source


Tue, Oct 18. 2011

Editor: From reading our newspapers and listening to the news, one gets the impression that we are becoming more aggressive, violent and selfish towards one another. This is ironic in light of the fact that we are opening a new church almost every month.{{more}} I would want to believe that more churches are needed because there is an increasing number of persons in attendance and there is the problem of overcrowding. However, our attitudes towards each other tell me that it is quite the opposite. One would get the impression that religion is having decreasing influence on our society. We may even reach the point where there are too many churches. An old saying tells me that too much of one thing is good for nothing.

Most of our problems are centred around the younger persons of our population. The question is, how can we get them to make a positive contribution to our society. They want to enjoy life just as we did when we were their age; therefore it does not make any sense trying to burden them with our religious values. The most important thing we can do for them is try to create a society of diverse opportunities. However, we seem stagnated because we are not a creative society. We do not have a society of diverse thinkers and we all seem to have the same beliefs. This is unfortunate because many great ideas emanated from persons with beliefs we may consider weird.

Many fail to realize that in order to be very successful at anything, we have to fit into a stream of energy which continously supplies us with deeper insights. This does not come simply from praying. It takes a greater understanding of the working of the universe and constant attunement with this source of energy. It is this information that our young persons ought to have in order to develop themselves into positive individuals. We should always be striving for deeper insights and knowledge from a higher source. I sometimes feel frustrated when persons tell me that they would like to attend a school of theology, because your beliefs and interpretations are shaped by the teachers and not your effort to obtain greater insight.

Let us strive for that higher knowledge and greater insight. The diversity of thought, even that of the atheist, is very important.