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Someone remembered Andre Cox – 9/11


Tue, Sept 20. 2011

Editor: Only one Vincentian was known to have perished in the Twin Tower Terrorists’ Act on September 11, 2001.{{more}}

For a number of years, a small memorial ceremony was held at the Botanic Gardens, where a stela was established to remember the loss of a Vincentian citizen in the disaster.

This article is meant to draw our attention to this day, so that we must never forget the tragedy, even if just only one individual had lost his life. Many, the world over, suffered too. The loss of a human life in such circumstances is always hard to bear.

Andre’s mom had indicated that she is likely to be in New York at the Memorial for the 10th Anniversary, and would visit it alongside the relatives of the thousands that died on the day when the world changed forever, 10 years ago.

Rest in peace, Andre.

Let us cherish our Democracy and all for which it stands. Your passing is etched in the memory of millions.

A friend in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

René Baptiste
(Former MP/West Kingstown)