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Football executives don’t function until the next election


Fri, Sept 16. 2011

Editor: The SVGFF Executives and its affiliates, especially team representatives, who have the most votes, are solely responsible for soccer, whether it goes up or down.{{more}}

The executives don’t function until the next election. The only reason one can think of for this is that they are not knowledgeable of the sport process of development and their functions.

In the heyday of the SVGFF, the Executives were made up of experienced sportsmen and women. Since becoming members of the CFU and FIFA, where financial and technical assistance is given, the SVGFF Executives are made up of persons of influence, groups and gangs, all inexperienced in the sport. They also would not attend any CFU and FIFA courses to become knowledgeable of the Sport.

Team administrators are also inexperienced and have no training of “The Player Development and the Sport needs”. Teams don’t have a Soccer Coach or a Manager. They raise no funds. Most have one or two balls, practice one hour on evenings are unorganized, and therefore specific player development will take years to develop, during which many players lose interest or get old. This is the reason for their poor techniques. They also do not have meetings regularly pertaining to performances on and off the field, but are helped with uniforms and registration. It’s like holding the players at ransom because they are only dressed up to entertain the spectators. Their needs of soccer development are not met.

The lack lustre performances of the team, especially not scoring, causes spectators and sponsors to stay away. Worse are the allegations about executives receiving FIFA funds.

If your car engine gives trouble, who will you take your car to for improvement? If your body hurts who do you consult? And if your child’s foreign language grades are low, who does you take your child to for improvement? When it comes to sports, why does the electorate encourage inexperience and those not knowledgeable of the sport to be members of the Executive? Because there are other motives personally, for they fully well know these persons neither played well, nor had any training, to gain the experience and knowledge required to develop the sport and its players.

The SVGFF must be made up of persons with experience and training, and who are knowledgeable of the sport. Only then will the debt be reduced and development will be restored. The National Team Players will earn respect. Imagine, “the cart wants to pull the horses”.

Now that you are aware of the reasons why the SVGFF does not function, don’t stress anymore by expecting the unexpected. For the past 32 years, executives have been enjoying the benefits of the players and the sport, while escalating the sport debt and underdeveloping the players and sport.

Come September, the same team representatives will be electing an Executive to serve four more years. Therefore, coaches, your input is needed now more than ever. You know more about the sport than most. Therefore, recommend the best for development.

Rollit Walrond