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North Leeward can become the leader in local dishes


Fri, Sept 09. 2011

Editor: North Leeward is a place of great potential. It has been an area that has never been given the support it deserves.{{more}}

When we look at the breadfruit fest and other activities such as the Rose Bank Garifuna fest and even the lady from Spring Village and other individuals in North Leeward, we realize that there is a wealth of potential in cooking amongst the cultural and sporting potential in North Leeward.

It is so unfortunate that only on special occasions we know of the many local dishes existing amongst us here in North Leeward. I am of the persuasion that a vibrant effort must be made to market these local dishes which are healthier and more nutritious than the very many fast foods we eat on a daily basis. However, to market these local dishes it takes money. I am of the belief that many of these folks would like to develop their dishes and make money from them, but lack the support financially to produce regularly and so also to advertise the products.

With the coming on stream of the Buccama Hotel and more hotels that will come from time to time, there can be efforts made to market these local dishes. Also, restaurants and existing hotels can sell some of these local dishes. Some of these locals can form themselves into cooperatives and market their products. Thus cooperation is vitally important.

I recommend that efforts be made on the part of both government and local businesses and even local groups in the area to sponsor these individuals and assist them in marketing and record keeping. After all, we need to develop the local dishes into a vibrant industry and market them overseas as a tourist attraction.

It is time that North Leeward is given more attention for there is indeed potential in North Leeward. I am certain if these local dishes are developed and become profitable, then we would see more young people turn away from the drug trade and find some meaningful things to do. North Leeward can become the leader in local dishes. Also, we can have restaurants open in North Leeward selling these dishes. Thus the need for funding to assist.

I trust that we will take seriously the need to assist persons with funding to develop these local dishes.

Kennard King