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Frustrated with minibus system


Tue, Sept 6. 2011

Editor: Permit me a few words in your newspaper to air my view on the minibus situation.{{more}}

I am a Vincentian by birth and love my country, and respect the service that the minibuses provide.

But, let us be fair. How many of us have ridden in a minibus that is supposed to hold 14 or 18 people and instead you have 16, or 20 or more? After all, I am paying my money to get a comfortable ride.

What about a conductor, when he sits and raises his arms; well, let me not go there.

There is a simple solution to this whole matter. Get rid of the bus service, quite frankly, and put in public service transport, similar to what they have in New York or Canada.

The minbus drivers have no care about their passengers; most of them are only interested in making a buck and not about safety, overtaking around corners (blind) come on. Hey, this is just my opinion.

Solution: put main buses on the main roads, that will only go within certain areas. For example, a route from Kingstown to Arnos Vale, then from Arnos Vale to Stubbs, and so on, but they only operate on the main roads and not the sub-roads; here is where the minibus will take over.

Advantage: they have shorter runs, less wear and tear.

Hey, I write it as I see it, because I am frustrated.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Frustrated Vincy abroad