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Police Force should not just be a source of income


Fri, Sept. 02, 2011

Editor: This is not the first time we have heard about officers not responding to complaints, but there seems to be some sort of resentment of officers responding to reports in Greggs.{{more}}

No longer do we see the urge for officers to really perform as police officers. Most see it as just a source of income. This is “so sad”. The police may not have prevented the outcome, but who knows what their presence at some stage may have created.

I think there are too many problems within the RSVPF: political, personal, and until they sort themselves out, it will trickle down to the public not being served as they ought to. I know of the days when we used to walk to respond to reports etc. But, come on, that was in the past. Look the distance, effective policing can only be addressed with modern methods.

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