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STOP Ill-treating our innocent chidren, please


Fri, Aug 26. 2011

Editor: Mothers, how would you feel if when you were a young child your mother ill-treated you mainly because your father left the home, leaving your mother on her own to feed and care for you?{{more}}

Would you say your mother was fair to treat you badly, that she has the right to vent her frustration on you? Of course you would NEVER say that. Unfortunately, though, some mothers vent their wrath on children due to the father’s absence and non-support in the home.

When angry, some mothers may use a broomstick and whack the child hard in his/her back, in some cases telling the child that his/her father does not mind him/her. Or they may tell the child: “I love Mary and Brian more than you because Mary and Brian’s father mind them, but your father does not mind you.” Some mothers may push, kick, or pinch the child so hard, that the child gets injured, leaving the child crying uncontrollably.

In other cases some mothers utter indecent language to their children. Treating an innocent child in the ways mentioned above is certainly ridiculous!

To those guilty mothers I say: Remember that your child is NOT the reason for the father leaving the home. So it is completely UNFAIR for the child to suffer for a father’s negligence.

To such abusive mothers I say: Please stop abusing your innocent children physically, verbally, or otherwise. If it’s hard on you as mothers to mind your children alone, perhaps seeking help from some social agency may help. Maybe seeking the help of the Family Court may bring relief, as the Court can order the father of your child to provide material or monetary support for his child/children.

To the negligent fathers I say: Please take up your responsibility; stop being a boy. Prove that you are a MAN by minding your children.

Simeon James