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‘Shake down’ on Shake Up and public apology


Fri, Aug 26. 2011

Editor: Sir Vincent Beache and Elson Crick got an earful during last Friday’s (August 19) Shake Up show on WEFM radio. Several callers publicly expressed their displeasure at some of the goings on in the ULP, and by extension the government of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.{{more}}

It was indeed a “shake-down” on Shake Up.

These callers – some on the ground and some in the Diaspora – are not supporters of the NDP. They never supported the PPP, NDP, UPM, DFM or MNU. Many, whose voices were clearly recognizable, were born into Labour families. They have been Labourites for as long as I know them. My taxi-driver friend “Nancy” Holder (Fairhall) and “Bros” Weekes (from Mespo, now living in Winnipeg) will NEVER abandon the Labour – ULP – to support the NDP. They stood by Labour during the 17 years of Mitchell/Eustace reign, when the NDP was a force to reckon with. Why would they now support an NDP in shambles and a mere skeleton of its past?

Labourites remain proud Cato/Tannis partisans. They embrace the leadership of Ralph Gonsalves but are unhappy with the treatment meted out to staunch Labourites by the newcomers who control the merged entity – ULP.

It appears many long time Labourites now perceive “Labour” has no place in Unity Labour Party. Labourites are flexing their muscles. They know their support is vital for the ULP to secure an electoral victory, notwithstanding the current state of the NDP.

Having an outstanding Prime Minister and a progressive government that have brought much progress and sustainable development to SVG over the past 10 years is not the only glue that will hold party supporters together and attract independents.

Don’t shoot the messengers!!! Take warning!!!! Do the right thing for the good of SVG.


According to a newspaper report, the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary stated publicly that he contemplated doing something to Bryan Alexander.

Bryan Alexander and I parted ways during the last election campaign. Since then, Bryan has constantly abused this writer (he once called “friend”) on FaceBook and on the NDP radio programme. He uses several pseudonyms and email addresses to snipe at anyone who supports De Comrade.

It matters not what Bryan Alexander may have done or said to enrage Hans King. As a public figure and chief spokesperson for the Prime Minister, Hans’ reported behaviour is totally unacceptable.

King should have been swiftly repudiated by Prime Minister Gonsalves, as well as the Chairman of the ULP. Hans King should have been ordered by Dr. Gonsalves to retract the statement forthwith and offer a public apology to Bryan Alexander, his family, the government and Vincentians. Failing that, King should be immediately removed from his position.

The question is: Why is Prime Minister Gonsalves tolerating ongoing public displays of arrogance and stupidity from operatives close to himself? There is no place for this nonsense in modern politics.

This may well be an early vindication for my earlier article “Party Operatives Who Speak Out Of Turn”.

Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.