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Fix the roads, please!


Fri, Aug 26. 2011

Editor: I am requesting of the Public Works Department and the Government to please fix the bad roads in different parts of our beautiful country.{{more}}

Some areas having roads in need of repairs include Layou, Barrouallie, Rose Bank, and Chateaubelair. I do believe that there may be other areas around the country needing road repairs. When driving, it is so uncomfortable going through a number of potholes. Some of them you just cannot avoid as they are all across the road, others are so deep that a person may be able to cast a line and catch fish.

Vehicular parts are getting more expensive. Therefore, all road users will appreciate very much some road repairs so that their vehicles can last as long as possible before having to do repairs on them. My kind suggestion to the Public Works Department and the Government is this: If there isn’t sufficient funds on hand to carry out major road repairs, then they can at least fill in the potholes on the roads in the aforementioned areas and elsewhere. Oh My! That will make driving so much more comfortable for all road users, drivers and passengers alike.

Public Works Department and the Government, I beg you again, please repair the roads in a way that you can afford at the moment.

Thanking you in advance for an anticipated favorable response.

Brianna Patterson