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Congrats and advice to successful students!


Fri, Aug 26.2011

Editor: In a society where many youth are unfortunately choosing the path of crime, violence and laziness, it is heart-warming to hear of the success of students in their CSEC exams. As adults, we must be quick to commend and highlight these hard workers.{{more}}

I take pleasure in congratulating all the students who have done well! The words of Mbeki Swift and Kayrel Edwards, the highest achievers in this year’s CSEC exams, deserve some attention. Kayrel made it clear that sacrifices must be made to achieve high goals. One newspaper records her as saying “Prioritize…you have to be able to give up certain luxuries and not spend so much time on the computer or the Blackberry.” Her words of advice are very practical to youth who seem to be often distracted with the ipod, Blackberry, and numerous gadgets. Certainly, Kayrel has no intention of disappointing her parents and well wishers. She admits that going to college will be a “real challenge”, but promises to keep her head on and “don’t get side-tracked”.

While some youth are often shy about voicing their religious conviction, Mbeki was not ashamed to talk about the source of his success. In a newspaper last week, he said: “The mental capabilities and skills which I possess were given to me by YaHWeH God, it is because of His guidance and my obedience to His commandments why I was able to do this well in my exams.” In addition, Swift did not forget to express gratitude to his parents, teachers, brethren and other supporters.

While these youngsters continue to excel academically, I wish them God’s continued help and guidance. I also hasten to remind them that the world is more in need of morally upright men/women than of academia. Unfortunately, many intellectual ‘high flyers’, including political experts, economic brains, noted philosophers etc oppress their fellowmen and are responsible for spreading much immoralities through their ideas and behaviours.

So, students, while you advance, I urge you to remember that you have a duty to your Creator and a God-given duty to love and serve your fellowmen. Be sure to use your talents to help those who are less fortunate. Stand firm to the Right regardless of the consequences. This mindset will make you noble and more fitted to survive in this unfriendly world. Moreover, you will be prepared for the heavenly atmosphere to live and reign with your Creator.

To the students who have not succeeded, remember that God has given you intelligence. You have abilities, skill, health and strength and opportunity just like your fellow students who have achieved . Don’t limit yourself! It is time you start making the necessary sacrifices to succeed. You must discipline your minds by the help of God. Don’t be lazy! Burn the mid-night oil when you have to. Stop blaming circumstances. Stop blaming other people for your failure. Stop blaming poverty. It is not a crime to be poor. In her book Mind Character and Personality vol.1, renowned 19 century religious writer Ellen G. White says: “True success in any line of work is not the result of chance or accident or destiny… Fine mental qualities and a high moral tone are not the result of accident. God gives opportunities; success depends upon the use made of them.

Mental culture is what we as a people need and what we must have to meet the demands of the time. Poverty, humble origin, and unfavourable surroundings need not prevent the cultivation of the mind.”

Ann-Marie Ballantyne