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In Support of Chow


Fri, Aug 19. 2011

Editor: It is almost unbelievable that in this twenty first century when we here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines will soon be celebrating thirty-two years as an independent country that the letters by CHOW {{more}} drawing our attention to the deplorable state of affairs existing at our National Registry cannot provoke even the semblance of public debate and comment.

These letters by CHOW have been appearing in our newspapers regularly since June 3rd. There have been at least four of them giving intimate details.

Considering the profile of the professionals in the state who are regular users of the services of the Registry, one had expected by now to have seen some support for CHOW’s appeals on such an important issue. These high profile citizens of the state should indeed be playing an active part in charting the way forward on this and other matters relevant to the development of our country. It may well be that they have been expressing their concerns, but we the public have not been hearing them.

Or is it that CHOW is the only user of the Registry services who cares and whose level of patriotism, so much stronger than that of most of the rest of us, drives him to use his influence to correct this “wutless” state of affairs? Are the rest of us merely content with the jewelry of our talent and training and are happy to allow ourselves to be carried along or any course?

That attitude will reduce us to be likened to the “beautiful barnacles” at the bottom of the ship. They play no part in the charting of the course, but they certainly will feel when the bottom of the ship is grinding on the reef.

Are we to consider this satisfactory progress after we have been in charge of the management of our own affairs for almost thirty-two years? If so, “Shame on the Nation”!

LeRoy Providence