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Time for a new registry building


Fri, Aug 12. 2011

Editor: I was at the Registry on the morning of August 2, 2011, at around 9:00 am doing some searches of documents. However, the department had to be closed because the building was leaking. The most important section, “the computer room” that carries the bulk of the work, was in water.{{more}} It is a shame what is going on that department. It seems that the governments are guilty, past and present, and the same problem persists.

The Registry is the live wire of this country and there are key personnel who keep fooling around. Come on, stop playing games and do the right thing. You see that building, year after year they are doing patch work on it, and the problem continues. It is time for a new registry building.

Again I am asking persons to stop eating and drinking in the search room because just last month, I drew to the non professional Deputy registrar’s attention that the index of deed 1941 was wet down, so you know that this is a big problem for persons searching in the future in that index book, as the words will fade out. In some countries, certain persons cannot go into the search room.

I think the time has come that the authorities look into what is happening in the search room and insist that persons search documents with gloves.

I think the time has come to take some serious stand in the search room because things are going from bad to worse, and this should be done soonest before it is too late.

I will like the New Deputy Registrar to take a leaf out of Ricky’s book, because that gentleman worked his way up that ladder, and lots of persons and the public tip their hats off with a lot of respect for him. Experience plays a great part. I am saying that I love to see young persons reach the top, but lack of experience plays a great part, and you could see it, if they have people to guide them they will come out with flying colours.