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High Vinlec bills have me stunned

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Fri, Aug 12. 2011

Editor: I was impressed by an old mas presentation made during J’Ouvert 2011 which related to Vinlec bills being so high, they were difficult for all to reach in terms of payment, in this hard guava crop time. When I saw the presentation, I laughed and said to myself, how true.{{more}}

I really cannot understand how the Vinlec bills are calculated. My July bill for instance cannot show me at what rate my energy used is charged to get the total $192.50. However, the fuel surcharge is calculated at the rate 50.49 with a total $194.00. Why are Vincentians being made to pay these outrageous prices for fuel surcharge with three functioning hydro plants and no water shortage? Yes, we have been given all sorts of explanation by Vinlec officials to ease our frustration, but sorry to say, these cannot ease our pocket. No matter how much we conserve, the surcharge is more or equivalent to the consumption. Imagine hearing on the radio a week ago, a release from Vinlec that the past six months have seen lower charges on bills, but disconnection is rampant throughout the country. There is no empathy or sympathy for families who may have faltered due to loss of income, disaster or else. You can’t pay, so off you go.

Businesses have to lay off employees in order to keep up with their electricity bills. This for sure is not a good sign. Is it that we are bearing the burden of the new plant at Lowmans Bay, or are we being milked to get revenue to assist in running the country? Come on, Vinlec, be frank with us instead of trying to pull wool over our eyes by offering ‘back to school draw’ vouchers on payment of bills. What nonsense!

Frustrated Customer