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Can medical stamps be bought at the clinics?


Fri, Aug 12. 2011

Editor: I hereby wish to recommend to the Government of St.Vincent and the Grenadines or To Whom It May Concern that an adjustment be made as to the location of the sale of medical stamps on Doctor’s Day at the clinics.{{more}}

I do feel pity/compassion for patients, especially old ones, some bent over with a walking stick, who at times have to leave the clinic and walk some distance to the Post Office to purchase a $5 stamp to receive medication. (Mark 6:34)

At times, these old patients, and even younger ones as well, may be feeling real sick – dizziness, aches at different parts of the body etc. I, along with many others, will be deeply grateful if stamps could be sold at the clinics, instead of the Post Office, thus making it easier for all patients to purchase the stamps on the spot. Perhaps a certain quantity of $5 stamps can be handed over to a clinic for sale on Doctor’s Day. A nurse or assistant can be made responsible for selling stamps; and that nurse or assistant or some other trustworthy responsible individual turns the monies collected over to the Post Office afterward, including any remaining stamps. The Postmistress can then verify the monies collected along with any remaining stamps that may be returned.

I do strongly believe that if the recommended adjustment is made, it will be a great relief to ALL patients for which they will be entirely grateful. So to the Government or To Whom It May Concern, will you kindly make the recommended adjustment?

Truly Concerned

B. Patterson