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What a Great Encounter on SVGTV


Fri, Aug 5, 2011

Editor: Allow me to thank the pastors of the Encounter programme viewed on SVG TV on Monday evenings. It is the first time that I have openly commented, but after viewing the telecast of July 25,{{more}} I have decided to do so.

I was impressed for couple of reasons: the programme flowed spontaneously and somewhat naturally, and happily to say, based on God’s Holy word, the Bible, they spoke on parenting and highlighted different parenting styles in the Bible, while taking in account our society of today. Though I am not a parent I felt very inspired. It is my opinion that many parents in our society are failing badly and we can see certain signs and actions in our countrywhich contribute to much lawlessness. The preachers today have many challenges, but they also have many advantages which should assist them in helping to alleviate some of our problems. There are very few who say that they are happy with the way things are taking place today. I trust more parents were motivated to take their parental duties more seriously.

I am, a listener.

Sonya Israel