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Changing our communities


Fri, Aug 5, 2011

Editor: The recent killing where a lady lost her two sons, one permanently by death and the other son to prison, is indeed a painful experience.{{more}} This situation brings to bear the danger of gangs and wrong influences. However, we can begin the process of changing our communities.

It must be understood that many of these gang members are without parental guidance, and in many cases there are no fathers around. Thus these youngsters feel loved and accepted by the gangs, and so there is a bonding that occurs. We can begin today with men retaking their places in the home. Be there fathers, for your children, and mothers most ensure that his/her child is well supervised.

When parents ridicule journalists for taking pictures of their sons who are arrested for robbery, and society on a whole defends them, then are we not condoning wrong doings? Then how can we change our society? If we are to change our society, then parents must play their role in an effective way, by disciplining their children and being good role models.

It is not too late to change our society, for it is possible. We have to begin by carrying our children to the house of the Lord. As parents, it is important that Godly influence be given to the children by first of all letting Christ become

the head of the home. For that to be so, then the parent/s must surrender their lives to the Lord, have family altar and pray for and with their children. We must all agree that it is more difficult now to train a child than it was many years ago.

We can change our communities if every home seeks to raise better kids, and if as a community we demonstrate love and forgiveness. We need to let go of the anger we carry around by forgiveness and brotherly love. Also of importance is that if we must change our communities, then as a people we have to be united in the effort. I, therefore, recommend that we form prayer cells where possible and begin to reach out to those whom we see need help and direction and also form community groups and get some of these youngsters involved.

Indeed our communities can be changed, but it must start with us. Let us get back to God and let us return love and togetherness to our communities. It is something we would be proud of when we are finished. Let us make a change and be involved in the process of change. God bless us all.

Kennard King