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Just ‘pappy show’, nothing else


Fri, Jul 29. 2011

Editor: Permit me space in your paper to comment on a couple of events and issues which in my opinion seem to be “pappy show” to Vincentians.{{more}}

The relevant authorities think that Vincentians are still in the illiteracy and ignorant stages after all that “holulu” about adult and continuing education, where thousands of dollars were given to party supporters posing as mobilisers in all the constituencies, or the revolution in education which has been short circuited, so that persons will not be responsive, but instead live in a state of fear and rejection, even though they know and should react better.

Could you believe that the Minister of Youth is on news and television speaking about the presence of six Taiwanese youths in the state on an exchange with a focus on teaching a selected group of Vincentians how to do ballroom, hip hop, and Karate dance? Do Vincentian youth need Taiwanese youth to teach them those dances?

Why doesn’t the ‘green’ youth minister do a special on all the annual community vacation programmes which go through more practical and important aspects of our culture and heritage? Why aren’t the Taiwanese here to learn how to play pan, how to do the quadrille, how to do wire bending, and how to make coconut drums? Can’t they learn from us while here? And when will the exchange be reciprocal so that dancing with swords, doing gymnastics and karate could be experienced in Taiwan? How come this sort of special attention is not given to the local Caricom, Commonwealth, UNFPA, and UNESCO Youth Ambassadors? I know for sure that the cultural senior education officer in the audience was thinking just like me: just “pappy show”.

If the Deputy Prime Minister had nothing to say at the signing of the document for the construction of the airport terminal proposed for Argyle, why didn’t she stay quiet? Could you imagine her trying to make a point about the hassle of travelling, but had no point at all? She eventually came over to the public as if there will be no need for security checks at the Argyle airport. But what else but “Pappy show.”

Is only now that former Minister Walters knows of the many Vincentians on the deportment list in the US, or he wanted to be in the news after being home for carnival, besides being in the US collecting a fat salary, and just attending meetings of the struggling Diaspora committee? Just another ‘Pappy show”.

Could you believe also that head of the Diaspora Unit here in St. Vincent did not reveal the truth as to why the home coming activities and the plans for the big conference did not go down well?

While being questioned during the Sunday call in programme with two members of the US based Diaspora Committee, Mr. John failed to identify that the main shortcoming was because of his involvement in politics, while trying to organize for the activity. Ah, Mr. John, you think Vincentians still illiterate and can’t see beyond your move?

Try again. Sorry you were left out of the West Kingstown race though in 2010. But again, your strategy and that of the PM was just another “pappy show”.

Disappointed Vincy