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We must free our minds of all hatred

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Editor: Many have come to view life in the simplest manner. This is most likely as a result of our religious background. However, there is much more to life than we see or even perceive.{{more}}

Our main concerns are trying to live a successful life and going to heaven at the end of it. We, however, fail to appreciate that this entire universe is a field of energy which influences every aspect of life. Our very thoughts are energy which must be registered somewhere. They do not simply go away after we have dispelled them from our minds. It is for this reason that Christians believe that records are being kept of our thoughts and actions, which would be used on our day of judgment. Whether this is true is open to debate. The point is that we must pay closer attention to the working of the universe and things around us.

We can determine the success of something based on our energy. Our thoughts are energy, therefore they can determine whether something is successful or not. Therefore, if we want our country to succeed, we must focus on it with positive energy which would come from our positive thoughts. We are too antagonistic as a people, most of it emanating from our political differences. Many do not want the country to succeed, thinking that it would be a positive for the government in office; but in the whole process of negative thinking we end up harming our nation and ourselves. This is ongoing, no matter what political party forms the government. We must make a deliberate effort to free our minds of all hatred and we would certainly see the difference.

Even Vincentians in the Diaspora ought to focus on the country with positive thoughts. It is time for every one to play an integral role in the development of the country. We ought to become more unified as a people, regardless of where we are

living. With the advent of the Internet, it is much easier for persons to keep in touch with what is happening locally. This newspaper, for example, offers subscription via the Internet and it is something that persons, especially those living overseas, ought to acquire. It helps us to maintain a greater level of contact and become more unified in our thoughts. Once we become more unified in our thoughts, we would become more unified in our cause.