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Speaking out against serious religious wrongs!



Editor: As I awoke at 12:55 a.m. on Sunday, I couldn’t help but meditate on what a certain Observer (BP) wrote, and I highly commend that person who has the courage to speak out against a certain religious wrong – involvement in wars.{{more}} That was a matter on my mind for quite some time now. Religions today need to follow the footstep of the Master, Jesus Christ, but they appear to be failing miserably.

One additional way I wish to mention is how they treat one another before, during, and after a political election. My goodness! Imagine two church members will be friends for years. The moment an election period comes up and each of those members is supporting opposing political parties, BAM! Enemies they become, hating each other strongly, in some cases, for the rest of their lives. They stop talking to each other. Dat nah love. Worse yet, some pastors preach politics from the pulpits and try to influence their church members to support the party they are supporting, or they may try to influence some members in private. BAM! Church split! ULP supporters in the church sitting on this side, NDP supporters sitting on that side. Dat could never be right! Jah could never be among them; Jah nah dwell with hate NO time. While religions may do some good at times, for which I commend them, they are falling short of Jah’s standards BIG time in some areas, turning the younger generation and even adults too away from seeking the face of the Almighty.

So like Observer (BP) asked, I ask myself and ask others too: Are they false prophets? To emphasise further: Would true prophets of God really act in the ways I mention above? Religions have to do much better. They producing some real bad, rotten fruits.

Ras Bongo – Speaking Out!