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Change our thinking, change our nation



Editor: It is evident that we are being distracted by the things of least importance. This country held general elections in December, yet politics continues to dominate our discussions. It does not make any sense to point fingers, for we are all guilty.{{more}}

There are so many things going on around us, but we are totally distracted; hence we are not taking note. There are many social problems and many find comfort in blaming the government, but this would not make the problems go away. We all have a role to play in the development of this society; therefore we ought to take time out to reflect on where we are and where we want to go.

We are a small country with a small population. Many see these as disadvantages, but we ought to find ways to turn them into positives. We simply have to change our way of thinking. We must be deliberate in our actions and clear in our minds about the kind of society we want to create. Our population is small; therefore we cannot depend on natural talent alone. We have to train our people so that they can compete at the highest level. Just in case we have not taken note we are now ranked numbers 20 and 153 respectively in netball and football. Once upon a time we were among the best in netball. At present there are the FIFA Under 17 taking place in Mexico, the FIFA Under 20 to begin next month, as well as the CONCACAF Gold Cup presently taking place, but our teams are nowhere to be seen. We tend to find consolation by claiming that others around us are not there also, but this can only be used when we have little pride in ourselves. These things ought to make us spring into action. I would like to know if schools are required to submit a sporting schedule to the Ministry of Education. If not, we are definitely lapsing, for we cannot go on like this.

We often take pride in doing the things that are bad. Look at the way many of the young men wear their trousers below their waist, exposing their underwear. Even the some of the nicknames we give our children are ridiculous. They eventually affect the mentality of the child.

Let us change the way we think and in so doing we will change our nation. It is not too late.