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Let prisoners cut the grass along highways



Editor: Much thanks to BRAGSA for the work they are doing in repairing and patching the holes in various places. It is indeed some relief to the vehicle owners who use the roads.{{more}}

I know we are living in hard economic times. However, some attention needs to be given to the North Leeward Highway. The grass along the highway needs to be cut. The grass has grown so high that it makes it difficult to see the oncoming vehicles. The grass is so thick that some of them occupy part of one lane. In most cases, there is not enough space for two vehicles to pass because the grass has taken over part of the lane.

This condition makes driving difficult and dangerous since the view of the oncoming traffic is blocked by the thickness and height of the grass. I know monies are hard to find since we are living in hard economic times. This condition, however, should not be an excuse for neglecting the cutting of the grass along the highway.

We have prisoners that are fed by Vincentians tax payers, so why not use some of them to clean the highway in some areas? Also, the government should still give out contracts to gangs and individuals to clean the road. After all, safety on the road is very important. Thus, the longer the road remains as it is, it becomes more difficult to travel on the road, making driving difficult.

I am certain that both Dr. Jerrol Thompson and the Hon. Roland Matthews are aware of the situation. I trust soon something will be done. After all, tourists travel on these roads regularly, and so it gives a bad picture of neglect.

Let something be done quickly. Thank you.

Kennard King