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The one-eye camera vision serving my dear people



Editor: Anybody could take a video camera and go throughout the length and breadth of this country, pay for the advertisement on any Television Station what he/she sees as important to that individual, but when that person tries to pretend that this is being done, serving my dear people, immediately, I have a problem with that and why?{{more}}

Although a camera can take in several scenes at any one time, this Video Camera is used to project a “Jaundiced or a One-Eye View” of the NDP propagandist. Because, if you say you are serving the people, why is this camera not depicting all the other persons who were affected and have gotten help from the government to restore and rebuild their homes? This is the hypocrisy that I am speaking about. Here we have a natural disaster and this woman, who seems possessed with an agenda, using this sad situation (people in distress) for cheap political gratification, trying to blame the Hon. Prime Minister for any and everything in SVG.

How could someone who claims to be a Christian, start a program with less than a minute in prayer in reverence to the Almighty, and then start with her one-sided affair? I am convinced that this lady only uses the name of the Lord in vain, babbling and trying to brain wash people, looking for sympathy. If she so much wants to serve the people, I call on her to say how much of her own salary she has given to this cause or even how much funds she has raised on her own. Instead, she can be heard begging for assistance.

Rather, here she is in the House of Parliament asking some silly question of the Hon. Prime Minister: why he had to go to a wedding using tax payer’s money, when people in Georgetown were affected by rain. So what did she prefer, let the Hon. Prime Minister go to the area, tell the people he was sorry for them, then ask the workers to cut down some trees, get a machine and start making money or catch the next flight out of this country to seek help and attend the wedding as he did. Let me hear from you.

Randolph Peters