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Editor: Congratulations are in order for the Rose Bank Development Association (ROBDA) for celebrating its 24th anniversary as a community group.{{more}} The group will be having a month of celebrations with a series of activities that will run throughout the month.

ROBDA has had its challenges, but has survived. It has been very instrumental in doing many things to up lift the community. One of the major focuses for years has been Adult Education, until Government took it over. It will soon launch its self sustaining project. Thanks, ROBDA, for serving the community of Rose Bank. It has made a tremendous contribution to the community.

Rose Bank, despite the negatives about this community, has achieved much, and although it is a small community, there are things we can be proud of, such as: It has produced five preachers, three of whom are full time. It is the home of Dr. Junior Bacchus and the home of North Leeward in Focus. It was also the home of the late Garifuana chief Jim Roberts.

It has produced over the years many talented persons in many fields, including culture and sports. There are persons from Rose Bank who could have made it to SVG national cricket team, but were not given the opportunity. It is also the home of well known cultural personalities.

Congratulations are also in order for the Prayer and Faith Assembly Church in Rose Bank which like ROBDA is also celebrating its anniversary. Rose Bank has done well despite the negatives. Many prominent sons of the soil have come out of Rose Bank. We have had all classes of workers and professions from this small fishing village. The only profession or calling we have not had thus far is a politician.

We are still waiting, however, on our playing field and the completion and the commissioning of the hard-court and other projects. Thank you.

Kennard King