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Let us be supportive of children who have been sexually molested



Editor: Lately we have been hearing about paedophiles. A paedophile is an adult who has sex with a child. In some cases, it can be a male interfering with a boy and a lady with a girl. In most cases, however, it is a male interfering sexually with a girl.{{more}}

It is believed that in some cases, persons who commit these acts have been molested sexually during their childhood. There are other schools of thought which believe that it is a person who is not mature enough, even if that person is an adult. Some people believe that it is a person who wants to have control, so to them, interfering with a child affords such a person the total control. But mostly importantly, it is when someone has been obsessed with sex. That person’s mind may be so obsessed that he sees the child as his victim, where he can have the control because an adult may resist or he may even be afraid that he could be charged with rape. Thus interfering with a child may appear safe, since the child may be afraid to talk or may not know how to resist.

It is sad when such a crime occurs and parents just let it pass by, because the culprit is either their friend or that the culprit has offered money in exchange. I wonder if these parents ever stopped to consider the effects it will have on their child. I wonder if the culprit has a heart or is thinking clearly of the severe effects it will have on the child. Of course, they do not care. Instead, they are only concerned with their ego and satisfaction.

A child who has been molested sexually may feel worthless and suffer from low self esteem. As a result, that child may become a paedophile later on. Thus the cycle will continue. That child may suffer from nervous problems and become insecure. It is possible that the child’s focus at school will be affected negatively and so do not achieve much success.

More can be said on this vexing subject, but suffice it to say, these culprits who do these heinous crimes should be made to pay heavily. For they are damaging psychologically that child for a long time, and may in some cases for life. The parents on the other hand should be penalized by the courts for concealing such a crime. After all, if we love our children, we would want the best for them in every aspect of life. So to accept bribes when your child has been molested, is in itself a crime that must be punishable.

I encourage all parents to be there for their children for what a person sows, that will he also reap. The culprit must take into account that his child/children may be also molested sexually, then how might he/she feel. I, therefore, call upon this nation to rise in prayer for our children. Let us rise up and turn to God and let us be supportive to children who have been sexually molested.

Kennard King