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What can we do to lessen crime in SVG?



Editor: With the increase in crime in St.Vincent recently, one wonders why we do not use the media more to discourage potential criminals from becoming such, and criminals to discontinue committing crimes.{{more}}

For instance, why aren’t there more educational shows on SVG TV to show youths how they can make themselves more useful to society, rather than getting themselves involved in gangs, displaying highly unacceptable behaviours.

SVG TV, is it possible for you to change your policy whereby you can show only positive episodes and movies? If so, then by all means it is wise to do so. Though these may be late night shows, do we need movies featuring indecent language, fights, and killings as though these are desirable acceptable behaviours?

These undesirable traits are condemned by teachers at school, and rightly so, as they endeavour to mold children in the right path. Why then promote these negative traits on TV that youths watch a lot when they are home? We need to change the mentality that for youths and some adults to be entertained, TV shows and movies featuring violence and indecent language must be shown.

I know that where Cable TV is concerned, there may not be much that can be done to change for the better. But locally, we can try to effect a more positive change for society. Parents, please monitor your children, including teenagers, as to what they watch on Cable TV, even the music they listen to. Communicate with them regularly to find out what they are viewing and listening to, then provide good advice and sound guidance in a loving, caring way. A suggestion: SVG TV, NBC Radio, Hitz FM, NICE Radio, WE FM, Hot 97 FM, Star Radio etc, why not have drama presentations or other educational presentations that discourage youths from entering the illegal drug habit, while providing some positive alternatives for youths to engage in? By following through on the aforementioned suggestions, we may be able to at least lessen the amount of crimes committed here in beautiful St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Let’s hope for the BEST.

Truly concerned,