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Public assistance is not a political football



Editor: When I served at the Barrouallie Revenue Office, as a Probationary Clerk, from 1st May 1956, the Poor Relief was then $2.50.{{more}}

The recipients then looked forward to the Revenue Officer visiting Layou and Chateaubelair every second Monday and Tuesday respectively each month. They cherished that money, because all of it would have been owed to a shop for foodstuff.

Having been born in Rose Hall, I knew what it was to be POOR.

I may not have suffered, but I saw others suffer. I share the view of using monies for NEEDS and not WANTS and I urge everyone to use his/her increase wisely.

I urge politicians not to use the Public Assistance as a political football and, irrespective of leanings, the well-deserved should be given preference. I know there was a time when it was not by needs that one was selected but by political allegiance.

May God continue to bless my Homeland, SVG.

Ormond V.”Bully” Robertson