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Baptiste and Camillo in today’s politics



Editor: I’m a supporter of the New Democratic Party and was hoping that they would have won the December 13th, 2010 election.

I am Disappointed! Why? Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves said to me, sometime in the past, two terms as Prime Minister is all he wanted.{{more}} I was hoping he would see it fit to pass on the leadership to former Minister René Baptiste. Prime Minister Gonsalves held on and is asking for a 3rd term by saying he needs more time to finish what he started, and continues to say he’s the only person in the ULP and SVG to lead. The other members just sit around and allow Dr. Gonsalves to have his way. Ask yourself this question: Before politics, was Dr. Gonsalves involved in any organization? The answer is NO. He doesn’t have a track record. He doesn’t like to be led. If you don’t believe me, ask Renrick Rose about Gonsalves’ comment when he, Rose, should have led Gonsalves.

Dr. Gonsalves is now surrounded by inexperienced persons in the Unity Labour Party and is making way for Camillo (his son), who he thinks should take over from him as leader of the ULP. Saboto Caesar sees himself as Gonsalves’ replacement. No! Caesar, you must be dreaming.

Camillo will come and continue where Ralph left off. If that doesn’t happen, ULP will die. That’s what happens whenever Gonsalves leaves any organization. Where are the UPM AND MNU? ULP will be a thing of the past, if members of the ULP don’t take their rightful place as elected parliamentarians. Dr. Gonsalves will continue to take advantage of them. Dr. Gonsalves needs you more than ever, so stand up for your rights. The people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines point you in that direction. Dr. Gonsalves must not have his way. Let me remind you, he realizes how important you are. He promised to listen. Take advantage now, that’s my advice to all members of the ULP.

Mr. Eustace now sits as Opposition Leader for a 3rd term. I strongly believe that Mr. Eustace came in at a wrong time. NDP is going through a transition period. In my opinion, Eustace did well by keeping the fire burning, but it’s time for a change in terms of leadership. That’s where Mrs. Baptiste comes in. Her appointment is good and it’s quite obvious, she’s going to replace him in East Kingstown. I’m also supporting Eustace in the apointment of Senator Frederick. It’s a reflection that there is a move towards youthfulness in the New Democratic Party, which I support.

Persons like Frank DaSilva seem to have a problem with Senator Frederick. Whatever it is, he needs to stop attacking her; after all, he’s hoping to be PRO, but putting Frank as PRO is asking for problems.

Dr. Lewis made a bid for electoral office; Vincentians said “No” to him. My advice to Dr. Lewis is to give up on politics and move on. Mr. Hull, in my opinion, was always dull; that’s why he never made it. Burton Williams, when he was considered by the New Democratic Party as a candidate, I asked myself where are they going with him? The quality candidate the ULP had, I knew Burton Williams was a waste of time. The New Democratic Party took the results of the referendum for granted and they became complacent. Lack of organization; poor choice of candidates; Mr. Lynch kept the base, but failed to impress on Vincentians’ minds that the NDP was the party of choice. Also, some persons who campaigned for the NDP had baggage. So I’m hoping they take my criticism seriously and rebuild the NDP. Vincentians seem to be addicted to talk radio programmes. I am hoping persons like Junior Bacchus, Matthew Thomas, Bert Francois, Mr. Lynch, Frank DaSilva and Randy D, who appear to speak for and in favor of NDP, lift their programmes to higher level, so that we can build St. Vincent and the Grenadines for all Vincentians.

Kingsley DeFreitas