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Quo Vadis Arnhim Eustace?



Editor: The NDP continues to be a weak political party in disarray. So much so, one now wonders if party leaders and top operatives are losing it.{{more}}

After handily winning the November 25, 2009, Constitutional Referendum for the “No Side” – 57% to 43% and winning in 13 of the 15 constituencies – one year later, the NDP slumped, losing 10 percentage points of the popular votes; and only managed to hold on to 7 of the 13 constituencies in which they won the referendum. Truly a magnificent come back for Comrade and the ULP.

The elections have been over for more than a month now, but in order to save face, the inept leader Arnhim Eustace refuses to respect the will of the Vincentian people. Moreover, Eustace now resorts to disrespect and an abuse of the Court system, wishing and hoping that somehow, just somehow, he will topple the Gonsalves government.

Each passing day, there is a new revelation of the crisis within the NDP. Leader is at loggerheads with Chairman; Deputy Leader tries to take advantage of the disarray into which the party was plunged by Eustace, and the weak leader makes major blunders in his post-election decisions.

Eustace vowed to put pressure on the administrative and legislative machinery of the ULP government. He will bring down the government in a year. First it was 6 months. But only Eustace (who has thus far in his political career failed to show any semblance of leadership qualities) and the lawyers that surround him can see how Eustace will accomplish this task.

The pressure is mounting on Eustace. Seems the party consultants are demanding payment for two elections worth of money they expended on NDP election campaigns. According to inside sources, the consultants have concluded that Eustace could never even win a mock-election. However, they are willing to pump more money into Eustace’s last effort at toppling the ULP government.

The consultants are not persuaded this would work, but it is their last option in their move to be able to sell SVG citizenships, passports and real estate, in order to recoup their money from the failed party.

Meanwhile, it is widely rumoured that the NDP strategy now includes holding regular public demonstrations in the capital city to try to render the ULP government unstable and ungovernable.

Also now in the mix, are efforts to buy one of the ULP Ministers in a floor-crossing exercise. The purchase price rumoured to be offered is US $1M.

The messy in-fighting which has moved from Democrat House to talk radio to FaceBook is hurting the party big time. Eustace’s party is daily unravelling at high speed right before his eyes. It seems he (Eustace) has lost all control.

Unceremoniously, three NDP MPs wrote letters to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) chiding the DPP in the most disrespectful way. Clearly, conduct unbecoming Honourable Members of Parliament. One fully expects the trio to offer apologies. But do not bet your money on that.

Quo Vadis Arnhim Eustace?

In the recent general elections, the ULP won the majority of seats (8 – 7) and 52% of the popular votes. In Parliament, the ULP has a healthy 13 to 9 majority of Members. While the NDP destroy each other, Gonsalves ULP government continues to provide good governance to the country..

Mr. Eustace, any way you slice it, you are toast. Cut your loses NOW and leave before things get messier.

T Wade Kojo Williams