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Mr. Eustace, thirteen is more than nine!



Editor: So just how does Arnhim Eustace and his “frenemy” Frank DaSilva hope to topple the Gonsalves government?

Does Eustace not understand that in Parliament, the ULP has a 13 – 9 majority?{{more}}

The day after elections (December 14) Eustace emphatically stated on radio that he would not accept the results of the elections. He claimed widespread irregularities took place in several constituencies, and singled out Central Leeward and North Windward as constituencies in which action against fraud will be taken.

The 21 days following the elections, during which period election petitions could be filed, have elapsed. Just as was the case in 2001 and 2005, Eustace filed no election petition. Instead, he led his troops back into the House as though the House never prorogued. Eustace and the NDP Members were chummy with Members on the other side, who had just carried out “widespread irregularities and election fraud”. It was business as usual for Eustace and the Major.

But it seems someone reminded Eustace that the cement, galvanize and board that the government distributed – through NEMO – was all part of the assistance programme to repair homes battered by hurricane Tomas.

Someone may have also reminded Eustace that there was evidence of massive bribery carried out in several constituencies in the weeks leading up to election day. He must have been reminded by school children that they heard people, other than the ULP, were the ones offering money and food hampers to voters in exchange for votes.

Then there were the threatening letters sent to voters in certain constituencies in Kingstown, by people said to be non-Democratic, warning those targeted voters they could be thrown in jail for carrying out voting irregularities.

Now, the puppet masters, who flew into town recently, seem to have given orders to the puppet to file civil cases against anyone who ran for the ULP.

In the same way Eustace obeyed his masters and called a hasty press conference just hours before election on December 13 to say, among other foolishness, that he now supports the Argyle International Airport and the communists assisting with its construction.

In the same way he announced then that he had investors lined up to complete the project and create 20,000 new jobs in two years, will Eustace go on radio today (Wednesday, January 12, 2011) to announce that father, son and holy ghost in the ULP will be going to jail? Will he announce that his party, which was in charge of SVG since Referendum night, November 25, 2009, will be taking over government as soon as SCL gives the go ahead?

The NDP didn’t stop to think that Eustace has been in Parliament for close to 15 years now and still does not understand how that institution works. Leacock didn’t stop to think that Eustace still does not even know which Minister (in the House) to direct questions to.

Did Leacock, Cummings, Friday, Vynnette Frederick and Anesia Baptiste ever stop to think that Eustace does not really know “how tings run” in our Unicameral Assembly?

One would have thought the election of the Speaker at the opening Session of 9th Parliament would provide some knowledge and insight to the stooges on the Opposition benches.

In the vote for the Speaker, the result was 13 – 9 in favour of veteran Speaker, Hendrick Alexander.

So just how did 22 Parliamentarians vote, when there are only 15 constituencies?

Eustace, who reportedly vowed to step down if he lead the NDP to a third consecutive election defeat, did not figure out that Senators and the Attorney General have a vote on every matter brought to the Unicameral House, save and except for money and Constitutional matters.

So with the ULP holding a 13 – 9 majority in the House, just how does Eustace hope to topple the government?

One more thing: It seems the NDP and Eustace still haven’t figured out that a non-confidence vote in the House requires a 2/3 majority of the elected members in order to succeed. Eustace only has seven Members.

Arnhim Eustace continues to make a fool of himself, and in the process make SVG look real bad.

Chairman, Dr. Linton Lewis, please tell your party leader and SCL that 13 is more than nine.

T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.