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Is Troumaca geting a park, or left in the dark?



EDITOR: Madness indeed! It’s the WORST scenario I have ever seen! I heard about it before but then I went to observe firsthand. WOW!!!{{more}} How in the world did someone come up with the idea to construct a park in the area between the Felixes’ residence and the Jocelyns’ lands in Troumaca? The result? A huge pile of sand, actually a series of Egyptian pyramids, is at the western edge of the fictional park under construction.

Gullies have already been created through the pile as a result of recent rains. When that pile of sand is eventually removed, needless to say, we may have a large valley for the villagers to play “valleyball,” and not volleyball I guess. Now that the representative for North Leeward has changed, what is the future of this dream park? Is it going to be completed? The Honourable Prime Minister should pay a visit to the area where the imaginary park is. The former representative should be made to answer and give justice for what has been done. Yes, Troumaca can do well with a park, but the site that was chosen is obviously MOST RIDICULOUS!!!!

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