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Government should move to prevent possible disaster



Editor: I recently took a trip down to Chateaubelair last Saturday. On entering Petit Bordel, I was greeted by a massive landslide that had blocked the entire main road before, but had just enough space for me to pass in my vehicle. A huge boulder took up a major part of the road.{{more}}

I shudder to think what would have happened if some vehicle or person(s) walking on foot was passing by the area when the landslide occurred. My mind went back to that wall on the Windward side that crushed the woman in her car; also on an incident in Grenada where a landslide resulted in a gigantic boulder smashing everyone in a passenger bus some years ago. I know that the Government may be limited in what they can do in this regard to prevent possible disasters. However, there might be areas along the Leeward and Windward roads that can be given attention.

Can some rocks be blasted, using dynamite, in the aforementioned Petit Bordel area? What about the area called “White Rock,” just before entering Petit Bordel? This has been a dreaded area for villagers for years now.

Government, I call on you to do what you may be able to do in some cases to reduce disasters and deaths in the future.