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The Prime Minister has to deliver, if he wants to be in government



Madam Editor,

Dr. [Ralph] Gonsalves and his ULP won the December 13, 2010, elections. According to our Constitution, one has to respect the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. That means I have to put up with Gonsalves as Prime Minister for the next “five years”. He once said “Together now”. That was like a balloon filled with air.{{more}} [The] Prime Minister is offering a hand of friendship to all Vincentians, so we can build SVG. I’m afraid when the Prime Minister talks like that. I’m wondering about his meaning when he told some Vincentians to own the government. I don’t like that statement by our Prime Minister. Supporters of ULP think they can do anything now ULP won the last election. Telling them to own the government will create problems for persons who are working in the service. Gonsalves, you of all persons, should know how Vincentians operate when they accuse one of something they think is wrong. They will abuse public and civil servants; for God’s sake take back that statement. You are asking for all Vincentians to support you and the ULP, now it’s 8-7. Why are you asking for help? Is it because of what happened in 1998? Remember Sir Vincent? We will make this country ungovernable.

The Prime Minister doesn’t want history to repeat itself. The Prime Minister is hoping the governance of this country would be easy. For SVG? Yes! Let’s imagine if you were in opposition what would be your position – One-seat majority no government. You would have made governance difficult and would have called for fresh elections. Sir Vincent’s comments would be reinforced. That’s Ralph Gonsalves for you. All of a sudden you think you have what it takes to govern with a one-seat majority. I don’t think so. I am making this comment based on your past. Do so nah like so! Prime Minister, you established a ministry of reconciliation; you need to demonstrate leading from the front. Meet all Vincentians half way (Jomo Thomas, Otto Sam, Anesia Baptiste and Mr. Eustace).

Let me remind you that 30,000 Vincentians voted for the New Democratic Party. They are part of SVG and are looking at you. So, please demonstrate a bigger difference than you did in the past. St. Vincent and the Grenadines needs quality leadership; governance has to be different. Remember it’s not about owning the government, but owning St. Vincent and the Grenadines for all Vincentians. Let’s remind you that after you barely won, you said that “you would listen more and we would see you more.” Remember, we are looking at you.

Kingsley DeFreitas