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Put aside political differences and work together as one



Editor: Reconciliation is easier said than done. Now that the elections are over the responsibility of reconciliation lies in our hands.

It must be a combined effort of every one for there to be reconciliation. The church must play its part, in that love and forgiveness must be demonstrated and experienced by all.{{more}} Holding on to things of the past will do us no good; thus as Christians, that Christ-like attitude must be displayed. We will always experience hurt, but we have to have the Christ-like attitude of forgiveness and love one another in order to make reconciliation possible.

The political divide that exists amongst us can be minimized if the talk show hosts for each political party demonstrate fairness and exhibit an attitude of brotherly love towards all men. The hatred and demonizing of individuals will only increase the division and cause more hatred. This hatred will lead to aggressiveness and minimize the chances of reconciliation.

The politicians, too, must play their part in this effort. Being elected to parliament must never be used to get back at those who opposed you by victimization and behaving in an unprofessional way in parliament, by saying negative things intended to show revenge. Words are indeed powerful and when they are used in a manner to show boastfulness and revenge can create further division and stir up anger.

I believe many will be taking a keen interest in what goes on in and out of parliament by our elected representatives. The way they behave can either heal the wounds or create reconciliation or it can divide our people.

There is nothing to lose to start the process of reconciliation. There is a lot to be desired of many talk show hosts, for many of them stir up violent behaviour and create angry behaviour, rather than encouraging love and togetherness by dealing with the issues truthfully.

I therefore beg of us to put aside our political differences and work together as one. St. Vincent will be a better place if we all try to work together as one. Failure to reconcile will only keep this nation for moving on in a manner that is healthy.

Kennard King