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NDP: Please stop the lies



Editor: The Opposition New Democratic Party and its propagandists on Nice Radio will not learn that lies poison the politics of our country, and will do more harm to their party. More than one of the talk radio hosts on Nice Radio have been falsely stating that the government has had to borrow money from GECCU, and a firm in Kingstown, to pay the December 2010 salaries of public servants.{{more}}

These NDP propagandists know that these statement are untrue, yet they continue to make these statements.

Still, these same people talk about healing and reconciliation. How can there be healing when such blatant lies are spoken? These lies are designed for one thing only, to destabilise the government. It is time that these lies are stopped. They first stated that the government could not pay salaries last month, and when they were proved wrong, they now invent new lies.

It is time that Vincentians challenge these propagandists, as they own the government.

Lanceford Peters