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A memory of Belto




Every now and then, something happpens to persons very close to me.

Among them is the death of Belto. He was very close to my own children (Eddie and Ali especially) and so spent many a vacation with my mother in Rose Hall, whenever they went to visit their grandmother.{{more}}

I could recall one day Belto was going into NCB to change his cheque and told me his new name was “Jesus Christ”.

I realized that all was not well, but never stopped having contact with him.

We were living in New Montrose then. When I observed that matters were becoming worse is when my mother visited us and we saw Belto, in a most delapidated state, occupying the home which was owned by Stanley “Bill” Branch. My mother called him, handed him a soap and towel, had him shower and gave him clean clothing from her grandson’s closet. She prepared a meal and Belto’s face lit up.

I do not know what went wrong, but I never gave up on Belto. I offered him anything I had and he always inquired of his friends and buddies Dick, as Eddie was called by his peers, and Ali, who are both in Canada and New York respectively.

They both will be shocked to hear of the end of their friend Belto.

I am as shocked, because I accepted all the friends of my children as my own.

Belto may you rest in peace and I pray that I shall meet you on the

Evergreen Shores.

Ormond Robertson