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Is Ivan O’Neal a better expert than the Cubans?



Editor: I would like to know, is Ivan O’Neal a better expert than the Cubans, or is he a better expert than those at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) that study, do the science and write the ICAO rules that govern the construction of airports around the world? Or is it that he did not read the studies that were made public and the studies that were done by the NDP before they fell from power?{{more}} These studies can still be found on the Internet and the IADC also has these studies on their website.

I am left to wonder if Vincentians do not like to read for themselves or just like to always speak what they think and call it fact, or love to just take what they hear and run with it as facts, without researching and reading the document for themselves.

What O’Neal is saying is just foolishness and a mouth blowing meaningless wind.

Does O’Neal know that almost all airports in the Caribbean are near to the sea or water? Just a few are not. Two of New York City’s busiest airports are near water. La Guardia Airport’s (LGA) two runways extend out into water; John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), where I work, has four runways and three of them are near water and their runways end also extended out into water. Closer to home, Grenada Airport is near water and there are many places in the world where airports are built near water.

I think if O’Neal had been reading he would not have to say these foolish things. Or is he implying that the present E.T. Joshua Airport is much safer than Argyle?

What high rock cliff face are you referring to? Is O’Neal trying to tell me that the E.T. Joshua Airport which has high hills to the north, west and east of the runway is much safer than Argyle. I will encourage you O’Neal to take a trip to all the Caribbean islands, including those that are not a part of the Eastern Caribbean states; also take a few trips outside of the Caribbean and take a tour of the airports where you go and you will realize how foolish your statement is. I would also encourage you to get a copy of the ICAO document, or go on their website and read up on the rules governing the construction of an airport.

A Webb