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Many North Windward voters took bribes – Elvis Daniel



Editor: I read with interest an article in last weekend’s newspapers in which our prime minister said that the ULP lost North Leeward because a few of the voters took bribes. I guess that the Prime Minister is not aware that The NDP lost North Windward because many voters took bribes.{{more}}

I wish to say with all honesty and sincerity that I did every thing legal to win the North Windward seat and I was denied because of certain things that I did not do. Before I list some of these things, I will like to say that my conscience is clear and I can walk the street with my head held high, knowing that I did nothing wrong that will compromise my Christian principles.

I did not select whose house roofs were to be repaired and whose should be left unattended because of party affiliation.

I did not drop off lumber, galvanize, steel and cement at the homes of persons whose houses were not damaged, on the night of Sunday, December 12, and the early hours of the morning of Monday, December 13.

I did not tell recipients of the building materials that if they did not vote ULP, the police will come and take back the materials if the government changed.

I did not pay any voter $50 or $100, or organize vehicles to take them to the polls to vote for me.

I did not walk through the streets of Mt Bentinck and Langley Park near polling stations F, F1, G, G1, accompanied by security officers on the morning of Monday, December 13, greeting and hugging voters who were on their way to the polling station to vote.

I did not transform my yard nor those of my relatives into hardware stores so that I could deliver building materials upon request and at short notice to constituents.

Ladies and gentlemen, If you so desire, I can take you to a number of homes in Mt Bentinck and Sandy Bay where building materials are stored under plastic and other covering materials. I have heard that some of my own brothers and

sisters in Christ are engaged in this practice, and in this regard I say, this cannot be true because we all know what is hypocrisy. The Bible says: What will it profit a man if he will gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

There are some persons who are still rejoicing that North Windward was won by the ULP. But, at what cost? Was the election free and fair? Was it free from fear? I sincerely hope that the persons at whom members of the public are pointing accusing fingers will come forward and declare that they, too, did NONE of the things that were mentioned above. God is looking on and he will make the wrong things right in his own time.