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Treat one another with respect



Editor: Now that the elections are over and the results are known, we have to accept it and live together as one. We are reminded in the Bible that the God sets up kings and brings down kings according to Psalms 75:7. It, therefore, means that God has once again set up Ralph E. Gonsalves and in His own time He will bring him down.{{more}}

I take this opportunity to congratulate the fifteen successful candidates for being elected, and those who did not make it, take courage that you fought hard. The Lord knows everything. One thing can be certain is that the results were not what each party wanted, the ULP, I believe, were looking for a large margin of victory and the Opposition NDP were also expecting a better results and were hoping to be elected to government. Be that as it may, the results make it rather interesting in terms of how each party governs itself. This kind of results will call for good leadership.

The ruling party will require astute leadership so as to be able to execute its plans and programmes since they will be limited in terms of its luxury to have legislation passed easily. It will not be easy to rule with such a small majority. This term will be a test of the Comrade’s leadership. For I am certain he will want to improve his chances to win the next elections.

The Opposition on the other hand has to also be astute in their role as they seek to impress. Here is where the leadership comes into play. Will they be able to put enough pressure on the ruling party and at the same time improve their chances of winning the next elections?

We as a people have now to put aside our differences and stop the political war and enmity and work together as one. We must remember that we are all Vincentians, and even though some of the elected representatives may not be our choice, they are still our elected representatives, thus we should treat them with respect.

The Honourable Ralph Gonsalves is our Prime Minister and should be seen as one, and on the other hand the Honourable Arnhim Eustace is our Opposition Leader and must be treated so and with respect.

Let us stop the slandering and bashing and disrespecting each other.

Thank you.

Kennard King