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A call for a Ministry of National Unity, National Reconciliation



Editor: Congratulations to de Comrade, the ULP and the people of SVG.

To show the existence of true democracy, Vincentians went to the polls on Monday, December 13, 2010, and gave a lie to the garbage that came from the NDP – particularly Amnesia Baptiste, Vynnette Frederick and Matthew Thomas, over the past several months.{{more}}

There were no reports of election day violence. There were no reports of the government disenfranchising any voter. There was no hanging Chad. No Judge will decide who our next Prime Minister will be. According to the Preliminary Report of the OAS Observer Team, Our election was free and fair. A shining example for the United States of America and the rest of the world.

In just over a period of one year, SVG successfully conducted a Referendum and a General Election. Our democracy, rights and freedoms run deep.

“The people have spoken”!!! “The voice of the people is the voice of God”. I urge all politicians – particularly NDP leader Arnhim Eustace – and their supporters, to respect the will of the people. On December 13, 2010, the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines voted a Government and an Opposition. The ULP remains the government and the NDP the Opposition.

Even though the NDP increased their seats in the House, they MUST remember they were voted back into Opposition and MUST act accordingly. Provide strong constructive opposition to the government. Keep the government honest. Keep their feet to the fire. Do so with competence, respect and dignity.

This is the third term for the Comrade and the ULP. A first for Labour Governments in SVG. Comrade’s Victory Speech last night set the tone for new beginnings. A third term to consolidate on the successful first and second (terms). SVG prospered under Gonsalves and the ULP. But as mentioned every so often by the Comrade Leader himself, “there is always room for improvement… We could always do better”.

This is a third term to reconcile our partisan differences and work towards lasting unity for all Vincentians. Enough of this political tribalism and divisiveness.

With much accomplished in the first two terms and the groundwork solidly laid for our country’s continuing progress and development; with several major infrastructure and developmental programmes in progress – many nearing completion – the future looks bright, notwithstanding the harsh international economic conditions. Vincentians MUST stay the course.

Both leaders, both political parties, can take much blame for the divisive state of our country.

As I see it: Dr. Gonsalves can use this third term to lead the change. To heal the wounds of our nation and bring us together again. Gonsalves must go out of his way, using his statesmanship as a useful and effective tool. He needs to do more to get the NDP and their supporters to understand we are all in this together. After all, “when de day come” it’s not NDP or ULP. It is SVG.

To this end, I call on Prime Minister Gonsalves to appoint a Cabinet Minister responsible for National Reconciliation and National Unity. This should be more than symbolic gesture. This Ministry MUST have teeth. The Deputy Prime Minister and the new Central Leeward representative are good candidates for this portfolio.

Comrade, this will be the icing on your cake for you lasting legacy.

A Very Merry Christmas to all Vincentians at home and in the Diaspora.

T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada