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What is becoming of this country?



Editor: “What is becoming of this nation?” The recent robberies to innocent decent citizens and firms are great cause for concern. Imagine a decent, good man like Bernard Joseph being robbed in the early morning shortly after 5 am. Also the recent robbery to RENT and DRIVE and then damaging the vehicles makes us wonder what is becoming of this nation?{{more}} We even have others erecting houses on oher people’s private lands. What a world? Indeed many in this blessed land of ours has lost their direction and fear for almighty God.

We may fight over politicians, but at the end of the day we are all Vincentians. Let it be known that what we really need is a turning towards God. The recent election violence is but a reflection of the sinful of man’s heart. The true deliverance comes from the Lord and not the politicians.

We need as a nation a heart that is filled with love, which only comes from the Lord. We may change government after government, but unless the heart is changed and the Lord resides in it, crime and violence will always be present. Government can do so much and no more, but crimes will always be present until the Lord lives in our hearts.

Indeed, what is becoming of this nation? We are experiencing some fearful times. Let us put our nation back on track towards righteousness. I, therefore, call upon us as spiritual leaders to spend more time advancing the cause of Christ than political parties and pray more earnestly and involved less in party politics. I strongly recommend following the election results that we have a day of prayer and fasting nationally.

May God bless us all and may we have a peaceful election, and let peace reign in this festive season.

Kennard King